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The Benefits of a New Garage Door Installation

Homeowners are always looking for renovation projects that not only improve the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of their property but also increase resale value upon completion. To this effect, there is arguably no renovation more worthwhile than a new garage

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Does Home Insurance Cover Garage Door Repair?

Whether your home insurance covers garage door repair depends on two main factors. These are the specifics of your policy and the type of repair you’re asking about. Some policies include more coverage for garage doors than other policies do.

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DIY Garage Door Repair…Is It a Good Idea?

It might seem like a great idea to DIY your garage door repair. After all, doing it yourself saves money, right? Well, maybe not. When you DIY something, you could accidentally make the issue worse or create another problem. If

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3 Signs You Might Need Garage Spring Repair

The springs that help your garage door operate smoothly are extremely important. When they become damaged, break, or start to wear out, you’ll likely find that your door isn’t performing the way you want it to. Here are three of

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